Healthcare AV Services in Texas

From small outpatient clinics to major hospitals, the audio-visual experts at ETS have worked with healthcare clients around Texas to develop custom and cost-effective AV solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new conference room setup so your doctors can virtually connect with patients and other experts or healthcare-grade TVs for patient rooms, we’re here to help. 

Developing Patient-Centered AV Solutions

Help make your patients’ stay at your facility as comfortable as possible with the help of ETS. We are a Certified LG Dealer & Specialty Healthcare Distributor and can source, install, and maintain UL-listed healthcare-grade TVs.

Creating Effective Work Environments for Healthcare Employees

When healthcare workers aren’t on their feet, they’re often performing repetitive tasks that require the same positioning, which can lead to musculoskeletal strain and injuries over time. Introducing ergonomic solutions for your employees can lead to a happier team, more efficient work, and higher levels of productivity.

ETS is experienced in developing custom ergonomic solutions for healthcare facilities. We utilize tools like sit/stand desks, monitor arms, mobile workstations, desk mounts, and more to create the perfect work environment for your employees, and we’re an Ergotron and Human Scale Reseller and Certified Installation Partner.

Upgrade Your Audio & Video Experience Today
ETS is dedicated to providing the support healthcare facilities need going forward so they get the full value from their AV investments. If there’s ever an issue, question, or concern, reach out to us. We’re happy to help.