AV Consultation and Design


Audio-Visual Consultation and Design Services in Texas

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in the world of AV. Each space and business has different needs, which is why a custom audio-visual strategy is necessary to keep your organization performing at peak efficiency.

Through expert design and programming, ETS in Houston can create a collaboration space for your business that utilizes the right technologies to meet your unique needs. With advanced yet user-friendly features, such as control panels with one-touch operation, we can transform your workspace into something truly revolutionary.

Examples of Commercial AV Workspaces

Looking for some inspiration for your organization’s workspaces? Check out some of the set-ups that ETS can customize for you.

Huddle Room

Huddle rooms are two- to four-person conference rooms that are equipped with audio, video, and display technology. Used often for impromptu project collaboration, they enable the free exchange of ideas, images, and data through flexible, easy-to-use, and relatively low-cost environments. Experts have called huddle rooms “the future of collaboration,” and with ETS, you can take advantage of them right now.

Enhanced Collaboration Room

An enhanced collaboration room allows full participation from many different groups, both large and small. Scalable and modular, these spaces can support multiple formats of remote conferencing. These spaces encourage deeper participant engagement and deliver accelerated results for your business.

Multi-Purpose Room

A multi-purpose room can serve as a conference room, presentation venue, training center, standard lecture facility, and much more. Seating configurations include standard theater seating (for maximum capacity), classroom-style workstation rows, and more interactive, face-to-face arrangements, such as horseshoe layouts or clusters of tables and chairs.

Executive Boardroom

The boardroom is the epicenter of group collaboration and enables teams to get more done with fewer resources, despite geographical differences. With the help of our design services, your boardroom can be as simple or advanced as you need. We specialize in several control systems, and we’ll bring all of your tech components together into one system, ensuring that everything functions as a coordinated whole.

Upgrade Your Audio & Video Experience Today

ETS is dedicated to providing the support you need going forward so you get the full value from your AV investment. If there’s ever an issue, question, or concern, reach out to us. We’re happy to help.