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AV Technical Support in Texas

Picture this: You’re about to join an important video call with your client, and, all of a sudden, your AV equipment stops working correctly. Maybe there’s no sound or you can’t get your screen to turn on. While this scenario is definitely frustrating, ETS is here to help.

When you invest in an AV system for your organization with ETS, you gain access to our team’s wealth of audio-visual knowledge. Give us a call on our 24/7-service line, and our team will walk you through a quick solution so you can get back to working efficiently.

ETS’ 24-hour Service Line: (713) 599-3210
Upgrade Your Audio & Video Experience Today

ETS is dedicated to providing the support you need going forward so you get the full value from your AV investment. If there’s ever an issue, question, or concern, reach out to us. We’re happy to help.